The public sector is always working to develop better ways to deliver services - our expertise  makes large scale projects successful.  


Shore Consulting is the premier public sector innovation firm in Canada. For two decades, we have worked with ministries and agencies across the country, developing a unique understanding of government processes and expertise in bringing innovation to various areas.

We are quick to pinpoint possible obstacles on the way of innovation, born out of excessive bureaucratic caution, legacy policies, and rules limiting what can be done. Our teams are well trained and motivated to help visionary public sector leaders execute imaginatively.

At Shore, we apply innovative solutions in ways that work for the government, and when given a problem to solve in the public sector, we find ways of bringing novel perspectives to the table by

  • curating ideas and methods from across public sector jurisdictions,
  • forming successful partnerships,
  • and encouraging a culture of play, experimentation and disruptive feedback.


Our holistic approach responds to the demands of increased scrutiny, greater expectations, and calls for austerity in the public sector.

What does success look like?

Our proposed solutions undergo a stringed validation process to ensure they meet all of the core values that public programs must reflect, like transparency, accountability and privacy protection.

By framing a test run with limited scope and a clear commitment to shut down and review results after a trial period, we can clearly demonstrate the feasibility of a solution to ensure public sector mandates such as consistent service levels for all citizens and residents, and delivering value for taxpayer dollars.

Digital by Default

Shore’s public sector innovation has at its core the need to provide citizens online service delivery to replace more traditional channels of communication. Citizens should be able to connect with their governments and public sector organizations at the time and place of their choosing, on their preferred device.

Public facing and internal government solutions built by Shore Consulting are based on requirements for:

  • implementation of best practices in solution design and development.
  • improved usability and interactivity as evidenced by user feedback,
  • ability to facilitate consultation and solicitation of ideas,
  • appealing user experiences that encourage repeat use, so that users think digital-first over other service delivery mechanisms.