Public sector organizations have a wealth of untapped data, scattered across various systems. Shore analytics finds ways to use this data to inform public sector design. We create, improve and bring to life analytics strategies, systems and tools for the public sector to make sense of its data resources. The pay-off? Access to accurate information, sound decision-making, and forward-thinking action.

Shore's approach is to asses the particular needs of the organizations we serve and their analytics maturity and to create the foundational building blocks for a successful solution. This may mean:

  • Aggregating data and assessing what patterns emerge
  • Working out optimal governance processes to protect data accuracy and reliability
  • Creating integrated data models and master data sets
  • Building custom reports iteratively in collaboration with users to nail down loose requirements


Shore analytics team members are both analysts and engineers, making us more user-centric and better innovators. When analyzing needs and results, we keep in mind real development solutions that have worked in the past, and practical strategies for getting at data in a better way.

Our cross-trained experts are better positioned to understand what kinds of trends and innovation will truly make a difference, based on our real-world experiences and our understanding of yours. Our aim is to help the Canadian public sector reap the benefits of innovation, where there tends to be little replication of innovation within or across jurisdictions. Better analytics helps organizations tap hidden potential and overcome the drawbacks of operating in isolation.