We work with senior leaders to identify pragmatic tools and strategies to improve effectiveness and manage change. In doing so, we help public sector bodies to achieve their policy goals and align their operations to their mandates.  Our consultants are experienced in conducting mandate reviews under the following rubrics: 

  • Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet guidelines
  • Agency and Appointment Directive (AAD)
  • Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act

We’ve performed structured reviews of operational and adjudicative agencies in the health, natural resources, and justice sectors. Our clients are usually seeking very specific answers, and we aim to deliver solutions that are both supported and actionable, based on identifying patterns, trends and knowledge gaps, collecting relevant data and engaging the right stakeholders. That way there are no surprises at the conclusion of the review.



Organizational Review

Public sector organizations face pressure to adapt their structures and operating models as expectations and technology evolve. Shore brings on board the right subject matter experts who conduct deep dives into the organization to research and capture business needs and constraints and help articulate and assess a range of possible business, technology, and process solutions. By modeling and validating the associated costs, we help leaders assess their options, make the case for investment, and prepare for immediate next steps, including procurement initiatives and funding approval processes.

We’ve delivered compelling business cases that have answered pressing policy and operational questions, or resulted in effective and efficient change, for clients in education, elections administration, health care, and transportation.


The sooner change management thinking is introduced into the underlying business initiative, the more successful the eventual adoption of intended change. Shore’s consultants understand that each person affected by a change must make a personal journey, so we assess the emotional needs and practical information requirements of different audiences. This approach allows us to design customized change management programs that help staff learn, accept, embrace, and (at their most engaged) become advocates for proposed change. In ideal circumstances, our change management practice dovetails with typical business improvement or organizational change initiatives. 

Change Management

Failing to acknowledge and work with human needs can make it difficult or impossible for transformational change to succeed.


HR Tools and Practices

Our consultants use proven models and frameworks to focus on the human impacts of technical, organizational, or strategy changes.

Shore has the tools and practices to evaluate human resources strategic plans to determine their success and to provide the framework, via benchmarks and other selected measures, for their ongoing enhancement. Our practice includes:

  • Strategic HR planning
  • HR Transformation
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Management
  • Diversity Strategy Development

Strategic HR Planning

Ensuring alignment of Human Resources with strategic objectives and operational plans can be challenging. By factoring in environmental trends such as economic, legal, and demographic changes that affect HR and relevant market sectors, we help organizations pivot to face unanticipated challenges.

We undertake HR requirements forecasting, gap analysis, strategy development to further organizational objectives, and assessment of HR capacity via inventories of formal and informal employee skills. To determine future staffing requirements, we examine economic conditions that influence the organization’s work and recruitment practices, labour market changes, cultural and legislative changes, and the impact of technology.

HR Transformation

Shore understands how difficult HR transformation can be, and the pitfalls of restructuring HR departments to become partners in high-level strategic decisions. Our consultants do more than help organizations deliver traditional HR services. We also bolster their ability to attract the right candidates via well-designed remuneration packages, and increase the organization’s capability for strategic thinking—appreciating the particular challenge in helping people who are not used to thinking strategically become strategic thinkers.

Leadership Development

Shore’s approach to leadership development recognizes its importance to organizations as a current and future priority aimed at greater leadership capacity, savings in time and costs, and improved employee satisfaction.

We help organizations determine the animating purpose of their leadership development programs so they can focus on inculcating the core competencies their leaders need for making a positive difference for the business.

Succession Management

While succession planning helps organizations prepare for the departure of a top executive, the succession management process generates several options for filling key positions. This ensures that organizations have several candidates to evaluate in case the preferred resource is not available. 

Shore assists organizations in identifying those central positions too important to be left vacant or filled by candidates who are less than stellar. This facilitates strategic planning to keep those positions filled.

Diversity Strategy Development

Shore sees the importance of workforce diversity as an area of strategic focus, often requiring sustained effort over time. A diversity strategy should look beyond merely expanding the talent pool to understanding an organization’s markets, which, increasingly, are multicultural and diverse.

Significant corporate changes such as implementation of a diversity strategy require leadership support, engaged employees, alignment of management processes and practices, and direct linkage to business goals. Shore helps put all that in place.