At Shore, we think of quality as part of a value proposition. Our team takes a grassroots, peer-driven approach to inculcating a culture of quality in ourselves and in our clients where we provide Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and TMO (Test Management Office) services.

Shore focuses on the process and on the shared value of quality at the same time. Like any good team, we hold each other accountable and we empower people to make decisions on quality by freeing them to apply judgment to situations that fall outside the rules.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

The practice of IV&V looks to metrics of cost, dates, and results where the benefits include reduced creation of defects, increased detection of defects, risk mitigation, and greater visibility at the financial, managerial and subject matter level. All that is only one part of the solution. Shore’s IV&V approach looks to key indicators that are outside of what is typically considered in the domain. We introduce an objectivity rooted in evidence that helps to maintain an unbiased technical viewpoint while we determine if products of a development phase satisfy their requirements.

Test Management Office and Coordination

Shore’s culture of quality focuses on the proactive management of risks and defects, identifying them before they become  liabilities. Our Test Management Office (TMO) streamlines testing processes across departments, disciplines, and even ministries—making them more transparent and effective.

The TMO ensures effective and efficient work, andactively targets improvements and better compliance with business needs, while monitoring progress towards your business goals. It provides optimal use of testing environments, testing data, and defect management, plus thorough, intelligent metrics and reporting.