Shore Labs

Shore Labs is a high performing software development lab that reflects our goal to create better opportunities for citizens to interact with government organizations and contribute to decisions affecting policies, programs, and services. We capitalize on what already exists and bring cutting-edge technologies and partnerships to address specific public sector needs.  

Shore's technology innovation practice provides solutions to the public sector that exchange data, develop analytics and improve efficiency:

  • Corolar — Health care data exchange and life cycle management
  • Peeristics — Education analytics
  • ReachLite — Business process automation



The Corolar Integration Suite simplifies patient care by enabling health care information to be seamlessly exchanged with Health Information Exchange (HIE) entities and health care partners such as physician offices, mental health services, and government health authorities. It automates the maintenance and management of production interfaces and handles business scenarios beyond the typical health care integration setting. Corolar provides an extendable, reliable, and secure Health Level Seven International (HL7) platform that delivers end-to-end functionality for streamlining the design, development, and management of HL7 integration projects of any size and complexity.



The Peeristics Engine is an advanced relationship engine that enhances any Learning Management System (LMS), searches and integrates content, automates alignment, and reports how resources are used.  Peeristics integrates with the content, technology, materials and processes that exists, while adding easy ways to organize and find resources, produce insightful analytics and align to curriculum standards. Peeristics works with all the major learning systems and educational applications as well as with Google Drive, Pinterest, OneNote, OneDrive and DropBox.

Because of the granularity of its data, Peeristics can produce reports on the current-state of resources and provide predictive information on trends, direction, and knowledge assessment. It organizes teaching materials into a knowledge-rich and granular data set of objectives, resources, assignments, and assessments, which encourages understanding the concepts that the material can be used to explain.