Shore is Canada’s premier public sector innovation firm. Exclusively public sector focused, we are committed to improving the government delivery of services since we started in 1996. We draw insights into the strategic and technology challenges that government services face to provide answers on user experience, digital initiatives, strategic alignment, transformation support, and service design.

Turning competition into collaboration

We specialize in getting private sector firms should collaborate with each other to solve public sector problems. Our job is to increase the fit between the services the market offers and those that you need. We tap into multiple sources of expertise — from massive fortune 500 companies to ultra-specialized individual experts — to curate the best ideas and solutions from across the private sector and our engagement teams. By making sure everyone wins, we turn our competitors into frenemies.

A new kind of integrator

Finding partners that are best-in-class in their category and integrating them into a single team makes collaboration easier and smoother. Our specialty is leading the project and integrating the work. We create effective, client-centred partner teams by involving our partners early, especially in creating the delivery strategy. Why? Fewer silos and turf wars later. When partners have already validated and strengthened the ideas, we can hit the ground running.